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“No, you are not crazy! Proudly different but not crazy!”

Misdiagnosed with bipolar disorder by our country’s underfunded, disappointing mental health system, I am a womb twin survivor, having absorbed my twin brother very late in pregnancy. I physically and mentally have always been, and will always be, two people fighting to share one body and mind.

I’m horrified to think just how many more like me are being misunderstood and wrongly medicated for a condition that cannot and should not be treated with modern medicine.

As a true chimera i not only physically share my unborn brothers DNA and can father his children but together we share my head! I'm no longer ashamed by this!

Nor the fact we have conversations and arguments regularly. Why is there no support network for this syndrome in NZ? I’m very lucky, as i have had our combined strength to help survive the daily struggle of being two bloody people.

Aside from the physical complications (like having his malformed teeth and hair develop inside random abscesses) there is so much more I’m forced to endure without any real help or professional advice.

Something needs to change here NZ! Others like myself must be supported. No, you are not crazy! Proudly different but not crazy! I truly hope my little rant starts a greater conversation and even helps those in our position to become at peace with who and what they are. Twice the person, with twice the strength, and twice empathy and ability to help those in need.

“Does the panic come first, or the physical symptoms followed by the panic?”

“I’m 51-year-old NZ male and my story starts at an early age of 12 years old.”