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“Does the panic come first, or the physical symptoms followed by the panic?”

I thought I was dying, that my body was shutting down. That I would stop being able to breathe or my heart would give out with its super-fast - then scarily slow - crazy erratic beats. I always felt on the verge of losing consciousness, like I couldn’t take a proper breath.

I was in a chicken-egg situation. Does the panic come first, or the physical symptoms followed by the panic? I spent a lot of time with my doctor, and came away with prescription medication that zombied me out. This was not a long term solution. I had to find a better way of dealing with this.  

I had become too freaked out to exercise. I looked at my diet, cut out caffeine; spent hours googling my symptoms and looking for solutions.  

My life changing moment came in the cardiologist’s office. Wired up to the ECG, he got me to take a number of deep breaths then asked how I felt. Terrible, this is the feeling! He explained that I was over breathing; my issue was that I had too much carbon dioxide. The symptoms I experienced mimicked serious disease, and these symptoms lead to further over-breathing, creating a vicious cycle.

It was such a relief to know what I was dealing with, and to learn how to deal with it. I’m not quite there yet and still have my anxious periods. And yet I wanted to share, because I spent so long not knowing what was wrong with me - I had never heard of this syndrome they call “The Great Mimic”.


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“Empathy, intuition with a clear head, mindfulness, and appropriate medical treatment, all of a sudden became a massive part of my life.”

“No, you are not crazy! Proudly different but not crazy!”