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“Nature’s happiness helps the pain to ease.”




She lay on the ground crying,

Deep emptiness inside, felt like dying.

Cars streaming past, people peering,

Why was it, nobody seemed caring?

Eyes black and swollen throat,

Follow a man who would not dote.

Was it all just a joke?


Should have stopped at just one date.

Head mixed up, abuse in bed,

Sometimes she wished its best just dead.

Pain entwined finds her, angels wings bind her.

Young girl, don't let the darkness take too much,

For one day, you shall feel the madness hush.

A future grows within her soul,

As she softly, gently takes control.

A light turns on in her mind, in her room,

As his baby's banished from the womb.

Years go by, fantails flitting between the trees,

Nature’s happiness helps the pain to ease.


MJ Skehan

"I call it a dark horse."

“My brain is wired to automatic.”