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“I want silence, peace and a life”


I want to feel normal.....


Depression has a way

of seeping quietly

into everyday living

catching you

by surprise

drowning in a black hole

where nothing

is in your control


Where PTSD exists

on the DSM IV

box ticked

label given

ACC will pay you


for having the crap

beaten out of you

for the brutal rapes

for the knife


in vagina



         the other stuff that is just too hard to talk about.



I survived

but I don’t want to be a survivor...

I want to thrive

not merely exist

in a grey world

of black and white


Demons possess at times

difficult to be

the normal Mum

smile on face

dropping kids at school gate


hand wave to teachers

through safety of behind

car window

“everything is ok here”


                             it’s not OK


I have sunk

into a sink hole of my mind

too much time alone

inside my own head

whirring, whizzing thoughts

crossing like crazy motorways in a big city

busy worker ants getting

to where they need to be...


I want silence, peace and a life

where I can say

I am happy to be


Want to live in the moment,

be mindful of self and others

be grateful for all that

I have...


To pick up my 50 year old

middle age, menopausal body,

mind and spirit

to Celebrate Me!


Gillian Moon © 2017

“The whole time I was hearing voices but told no-one.”

“You are loved.”