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“Either way, your experience is valid.”


Dear You,

I won’t ever pretend to know what you’re going through. I won't force myself into your troubles. I will never categorise or stereotype you.

Please know that I’m here.

Perhaps it feels like it’s been going on forever, and perhaps it has. Maybe there are moments you can pinpoint, but maybe there aren’t. Moments make and change us, but we are more than our experiences.

The adverts on the TV, the posters on the street, the words in your community, they all tell you that you’re not alone. But perhaps that feels like a small statement in a world of bigger problems. Maybe it doesn’t matter what the external voices say, because it’s the internal ones that make a difference.

It’s the thing inside you. Does it have a name? Is there a specific voice, or maybe it’s a dark cloud? Do you sometimes forget it exists, only to have reality come crashing down all around you as the darkness falls? Perhaps it’s none of these things. Maybe it’s all of them.

This could be a stage, or it could be an ongoing struggle. Either way, your experience is valid. It is your own and it is real. It might be difficult, or even close to impossible at times.

There are a million things other voices may tell you to do; exercise, eat certain foods, have a bath, talk to others, go to work, take time off, find things to keep you busy, calm down and relax, stop overthinking, count to ten, breathe. They think they’re helping. Try not to resent them for their ignorant words. Perhaps you already know these things won’t help, or maybe you’ve already tried them; either way, they don’t understand that their words might be trivialising your pain.

I will never tell you that it will get better, because there is a chance that it won’t. I will never tell you that “I understand”, or “I get it”, because I don’t. This is your experience. If you want to, you can ask me for help.

Please know that I am here.

I will not run or hide. I will not share your secrets or your feelings with others. I will be here, in your best and in your worst.



With all of the love and respect I can offer,

A fellow soul in pain.

“You are loved.”

“It was not the negative I sought, it was the positive; how to fix it all.”