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“Don’t worry everything’s fine.”


the winter witch and the summer queen


the summer queen

is more insidious

she whispers in my ear

you’re great

you’re amazing

this is amazing

this is life

ran at a million

colours a minute

keep going

there’s no time like the present

keep going

you’ve never been so alive

keep going

don’t worry everything’s fine

keep going

she’s kept you down


the ice witch

is a real cold hearted bitch

but at least i know where i stand

with her

she’s a shit party guest

and she knows it


we both hate each other

but we can work on group projects if we have to

like beating the record for most days spent in bed

or perfecting wistful facebook stalking

or writing lists of things that haven't been done



she's a shitty coworker

and I am quite glad to sign her office leaving card

farewell we'll miss you


but if the winter witch is an awful friend

the summer queen is an abusive lover


all I want do is impress her

and all she wants is more

more friends more selfies more nights out

more coffee dates more alcohol

more flirting more roles for the cv more exercise


maybe even less

less social inhibitions, less family, less sleep

less pills you're still not perfect yet


but when she leaves

i find myself writing the most elegant eulogy


on her deathbed

she still whispers

can you imagine four more years without me


four more years

without a proper family christmas

the one that haunts your memories


four more years

without new friends

existing ones withering on the vine


four more years

without poetry flowing from your lips

your mouth will become as

dry as the port hills


i almost give in

then i remember a dusty book on the shelf

from when i was just living with my parents

and not personifications


flamingo bendalingo

an anthology of zoo poems by schoolchildren

inside six-year old caitlin

compares a tiger to a mandarin encircled by licorice

in a history of bad poetry

it is a really bad poem.


it is a poem nonetheless.

“My brain is wired to automatic.”

“The greatest love you'll ever have is your own.”